Welcome to Oscarmoh

This is Oscarmoh, a company incorporated and operational in Nigeria, with major interests in the importation, sales and distribution of water pumps. With over twenty years of existence, Oscarmoh has grown into a household name in the business of water pumps in Nigeria and beyond. We stock all brands and models of water pumps for all types of need - industrial, commercial, residential/office usages. When in Nigeria and in need of water pump, Oscarmoh guarantees your satisfaction.

The Water Pump Icon of Nigeria

OSCARMOH was established and is currently chaired by a dynamic, young Nigerian - Osita Aroh, whose innovative mind and hardworking nature have led the company into becoming a water-pump icon of Nigeria. When you need Water Pump in Kano - Nigeria, OSCARMOH is the place. contact OSCARMOH for all your water pump needs and you will be optimaly satisfied.

Sales outlets across Nigeria

Our distribution network makes it easy for you to transact with us, as our branches are spread across Nigeria. We stock every brand and model of water pump and are sole representatives of some water pump manufacturers in Nigeria. We therefore guarantee your satisfaction, if you contact us for your water pump need in Nigeria.